Official Press Release

By Coleco Holdings, LLC. posted July 4, 2017

Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe

Official Developer: Exidy
Official Release: 08/05/2017

Official Press Release:
ColecoVision, one of the gaming giants of the 80s is back with the release of Sydney Hunter, a new video game on cartridge. The release will mark the first commercial release of a video game cartridge in 15 years. Teaming up with Coleco is game developer Exidy which made popular the arcade smashes Venture and Mouse Trap both which were ported to the early ColecoVision. Sydney Hunter, Exidy';s newest creation was recently voted "Best Game of the Year" on the online mega forum Atari Age. Gamers who wish to get their hands on a copy can do so by preordering the game which will debut at this years "Retro Gaming and Collectible's Expo hosted by Coleco.

Sydney Hunter Box Art